- Basic Swim & Water Safety Skills - relevant to the needs of those who currently snorkel and/or scuba dive (or wish to do so in the future)
- Ideal for those with some swim skills or those who may want to review swim skills
- Ideal for scuba course participants in need of simple tips & tricks

- Format: Three 2 1/2 hour swim skills clinics and agreement to practice skills independently beyond participation in this program

Is SCUBAswim2 for you?

- Participants offered instruction on basic swim & water safety skills relevant to snorkeling and scuba diving

- Participants wish to gain more confidence and comfort in water in order to better enjoy snorkeling and/or scuba diving experiences
- Participants may be interested in taking a scuba diving certification course, but may want to review and learn some new skills to help them pass a recreational scuba diving certification course swim skills test.
- Participants at this level usually have fundamental breath control skills (without a mask), are relatively comfortable in water and able to completely submerge body underwater (without goggles or mask)
- Program includes instruction on surface survival swims as well as conservation-minded swim techniques that can help to preserve fragile aquatic environments
- This is a fast-paced information packed program generally follows the participant's pace. However, participants may require more than one swim clinic in order to achieve criteria required to move on to SCUBAswim3 (essential swim skills)

- Participants should be in good health. Consult with your health care provider before registering in this fast-paced program

- In order to show progress, participants agree to practice on their own beyond participation in this swim program

- Participants must agree to practice the skills they are taught on their own beyond participation in this program
- Participants must sign a medical waiver. Always consult with a qualified health care practitioner before registering in this or any swim/exercise program

Who teaches SCUBAswim2?
- Program taught by a a certified SCUBAswim instructor who is an experienced WSI (Water Safety Instructor) who is also a certified scuba diver


Does the instructor teach in the pool?
- Whether lessons are taught by your instructor from the pool deck or whether the instructor enters the pool is decided by your instructor. Ask your instructor before scheduling lessons

How is SCUBAswim2 taught?

- SCUBAswim2 is taught in three 2.5-hour sessions (more sessions may be needed, depending on each participant's ability to learn and perform skills)

- Follows a structured lesson plan as a guideline and may offer time for personal instruction for each participant (time permitting)

- Program taught without use of scuba gear

- SCUBAswim instructors go to you. Lessons can take place at your home pool, dive shop pool, or your rented pool space at an aquatic center (with approval from the aquatic center’s management)


Example private lesson schedule: Three Saturdays, 9:30am-12:00pm

Lesson 1) Skills assessment, breath control basics, buoyancy basics, propulsion efficiency basics, glides, horizontal to vertical/vertical to horizontal position (prone & supine), body side rotation (back to front & front to back), kicking basics (swimmer's flutter & frog vs scuba-specific mod. flutter & mod. frog kicking for divers), elementary backstroke (open water survival swim), treading water or floating for 3 minutes, Endurance 1 (surface swimming in preparation for any recreational scuba swim skills assessment)

Lesson 2) Review, new skills assessment, front crawl/freestyle & breaststroke arm techniques (surface swim arm strokes), review horizontal/vertical position &  body rotation (back to front & front to back), front crawl body roll fundamentals (to increase efficiency & reduce fatigue during long surface swims, head in water for efficiency & head out of water for sight line towards boat/land for long surface swims), "finning" & sculling arm strokes (supine open water survival swims), survival float (prone position, to save physical energy while waiting to be found/rescued), treading water or floating for 6.5 minutes, Endurance 2 (surface swimming in preparation for any recreational scuba swim skills assessment)

Lesson 3) Review, new skills assessment, importance of efficient arm stroke techniques to aid in propulsion if diver unable to use one or both legs (ex: legs fatigued or leg cramp), scissors kick and/or rotary kick introduced if appropriate, survival float + survival swim, treading (frog kick, scissors or rotary kick + sculling arm movement), underwater swimming basics, tread water or floating for 10 minutes, Endurance 3 (200 meter/yard swim)

- Water Safety topics introduced as appropriate or as requested
- Block plan & lesson plans above is/are an example only - all group and private lessons are customized to meet participant needs

* Diving gear NOT USED during this swim lesson program (no BC/BCD, cylinder, regulator, etc.)

Next step: SCUBAswim3

Essential swim & water safety skills (scuba-specific). Ideal for certified scuba divers who want to review or maintain open water swim & water safety skills.


SCUBAswim offers three levels - which is for you?



Because a BC is not a PFD

Basic swim & water safety skills (scuba-specific). Ideal for scuba course participants. Learn or review swim skills to help you pass a recreational scuba course swim skills test with ease.



Fundamental swim skills lessons (scuba-specific). Non-swimmer to beginner level. Ideal for those with little to no swim skills who would like to take a scuba course sometime in the future.